We are the Swiss pioneer in the fight against limescale, and aim to become the global leader in this field!

Our quality standards

As a decalcification specialist we develop, manufacture and distribute high-calibre products that convincingly incorporate the contemporary Swiss quality philosophy. Thanks to our specialized expertise and strong service orientation we provide consumers and customers with the products that best meet their needs.

We pursue our business with commitment, conscientiousness and an entrepreneurial spirit. Employees, partners and customers count on our dependability.

Switzerland is our development and production base and we market high-quality branded products that make life easier for consumers all over the world.

We strive to be a competent and dependable partner for our consumers and the trade. We stand for quality, ecology and social responsibility. We strive for top quality in our products, services and processes, and encourage our people in all departments and at all levels to:

  • progressively boost our capacity for innovation
  • actively pursue and enhance our open communication culture
  • constantly optimize our operational processes and procedures




Durgol was recently part of a media campaign, showing how Americans divided up their chores.
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