Our Cilio line covers a variety of high quality tabletop and serving accessories. Some examples include ceramic carafes, wooden spatulas, kitchen timers and more. Chefs looking for cooking products that don’t sacrifice aesthetic design are in the right place. Our tabletop chocolate fondue sets make it easy to enjoy chocolate covered strawberries and other treats. The Cilio orange presses are commercial grade, but fit in great at a home kitchen making it easy to juice citrus fruit with little effort. For grinding spices, Cilio mortar & pestles are available in different sizes depending on your needs.

While not all products can be manufactured of delicate materials like wood, some can with the right care and practice. We’ve taken the time and training needed to develop great wooden and ceramic products for home use, available at great prices. Our wooden cooking utensils are great for light cooking such as stirring sauces, and other goods like ceramic carafes keep warm or cool liquids insulated.

Cilio products are manufactured to the same high standards of quality we hold our entire product line to, in the hopes that you can share great food with friends and family alike for years to come.

Since its existence…

Cilio has taken great care, fine materials, formative design, craftsmanship and industrially excellent workmanship to combine utility value. This philosophy runs through all areas and subjects, which now includes more than just the dinner table.

The continuous development of the collection and the integration of successfulbproduct ranges and trend-setting innovations have helped that the brand has established a solid reputation in the market.

Already in the beginnings cilio could with designer products around a name to the Italian coffee culture and the Mediterranean lifestyle make.

Today, the collection includes a diverse and wide range of espresso cookers that searches on the market second to none.

In 2008 cilio introduced a completely new range of salt and pepper mills a. With a self-developed for this mill collection quality ceramic grinder cilio offers a top selection of premium mills. The collection features classic and unusual designs from different materials.

In addition to these classic product segments completed an extensive program with interesting, lively and well-designed product ranges, the current collection.

Our constant aim will continue to be market-oriented and innovative to find products for retailers and consumers to give you more experience, to bring joy and quality of life back home.