CASO Design is one of the first brands that addressed the fusion of the kitchen with the daily living spaces through mobile appliances. In recent years, we have continuously developed this basic idea and made it our mission to design products that positively affects your daily life: through strong functions, aesthetic shapes and simply good ideas.

We have entered many new areas and sustainably positioned ourselves as an innovative brand. We succeed especially through the use of modern technologies, a consistent design strategy and intuitive operating concepts. All of these key notes are reflected back in our back themes. Discover modern, mobile induction hobs, multifunction devices and microwaves. The devices combine perfectly convection & grill and open up a new creative version of cooking.



A faster, safer, more energy efficient way to cook. When a ferrous pot, such as a cast-iron skillet, is placed on an induction cooktop a magnetic field is created, which in turn causes the cooking vessel to generate heat for cooking. Our induction burners are stylish, powerful, portable and efficient units that can be used almost anywhere.


Wine Cellars

Serving wine at the proper temperature is key to unlocking its intended aromas and flavors. Our wine cellars separate temperature zones for red and white ensure that every bottle is always ready to serve and enjoy.


Vacuum Systems

Enjoy food at its freshest. Our fully automatic vacuum systems allow you to seal and store large batches of food in smaller meal-sized portions saving time and money. All while retaining the food’s original flavor for longer than traditional bags and containers.



We also offer a select range of beautifully designed, thoughtfully engineered cooking scales that provide incredibly precise readings at the touch of a button.



Fruits and vegetables have many essential nutrients which are retained 100% during self-made juice. The contained enzymes act as the spark for a vital metabolism to process vitamins and minerals. The PJ 800 CASO is a powerful and compact juicer. It is the ideal entry- level unit for fast and high juice yield.



The power blender from CASO are your perfect companion for a vital and active life. In the shortest time you can prepare tasty, nutricious and rich in vitamins drinks and smoothies. Anyone who eats healthy feels better and is rarely sick. Awake your health!

Featured Products

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