17 Jun Sous Vide Egg Bites – A Tasty Breakfast Option

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egg bite with cheese

My wife started a high protein/low carb diet recently and needed a tasty replacement to all of the typical high carb choices.  Challenge accepted!  The resulting recipe was the product of a six-week process, aligning the recipe with her tastes.  At some points, it felt like a fairy talethis egg bite is too eggy, this egg bite is too creamy, this egg bite is too plain, etc.  🙂

Sous Vide stick and tools for recipe

I have found it easier to make sure to have my sous vide stick, vessel, and trivet set up before starting.  Make sure you use a stable trivet between the countertop or stovetop and your sous vide vessel. However, do not turn on the sous vide stick until later in this recipe. 

ingredients gathered, cracking eggs into a blender

After I have all of the ingredients out and ready to go (mise en place), I start with cracking the eggs into the blender.  I prefer starting here, in case any egg shells find their way into the recipe, they are much easier to extract at this point. For eggier egg bites, I found that 10 eggs is a good place to start, but adjust the cream and cottage cheese down slightly to accommodate.

adding ingredients to the blender

After the eggs, the order of ingredients from the list below is all based on your preference.  With all of the ingredients in the blender, I start to blend at level 2 (low) for 15 seconds and then take the speed up to 4 (medium) for 1 minute.

Note:  For firmer egg bites, reduce cream and add more cottage cheese.  For creamier egg bites, increase the amount of cream and reduce the cottage cheese.

Turning on the Sous Vide Stick

While the blender is running on 4, I take this time to turn on the sous vide (minimum 1 hour at 175 F).  You don’t want to start it too soon, because you don’t want the water too hot before you put the glass jars in.

pouring all of the egg mixture into the jars

Pour the egg bite mixture up to the ring in the glass at the top of the glass jar for all 12 containers (I usually have 1 extra container ready in case the mixture runs a little over).  If you find that last container a little too low (less than half full) you can always crack another egg and add it directly in the jar.

tightening the lids on the jars

When all of the jars are full, put the lids on.  You need to take care here, as you don’t want to close them too tight. (The egg needs to be able to expand.) The best way to close them is to grip the lid lightly with 2 fingers and tighten until the lid slides between your fingers.  This should be tight enough, without being too tight.

adding the egg bite jars to the Sous Vide

Now stack your jars in your sous vide to let them cook for 1 hourAlways make sure you don’t put the cold egg-bite jars into a hot (over 100 F) sous vide bath. When they are done, take each of the jars out of the vessel using tongs.  Watch out, they will be HOT!  I like to use a wood or composite cutting board to place the jars on as you put them in the fridge to cool off.  The egg bites are good for 7 days. 

egg bite with cheese

To reheat, remove the lid, (I like to add some sharp cheddar on top) and put it in the microwave for 45 seconds at 90% (we have an 1,100 watt microwave).  You’ll need to adjust this based on the power of your microwave.





Sous Vide Egg Bites – A Tasty Breakfast Option

Servings   12                            Prep Time  15 Minutes                 Active Time    60 Minutes


10 eggs

8 oz. heavy cream

12 oz. cottage cheese

1 tsp. Salt

10 oz. shredded cheese (sharp cheddar or favorite)



Frieling Sous Vide Stick

12 4 oz. jelly jars


8 qt. Stock pot or container





  1. Fill an 8 qt. (or larger) container with at least 4.5 quarts of water
  2. Insert sous vide stick and set for 175 F and timer to 2 hours
  3. Mix all ingredients in a blender (blend at low for 15 seconds and then speed up to medium for 1 minute)
  4. Pour contents into 4 oz. jelly jars (75% full)
  5. Gently tighten lids so air can “burp”
  6. Stack jars in the container (make sure the water is not above 100F)
  7. Egg bites are done after 1 hour but can stay longer if needed
  8. Refrigerate egg bites if not eaten immediately