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Mixing Bowls, Non-Slip w/ Silicone Bottoms, 3 Piece Set

Don’t be fooled by imitators!  These mixing bowls carry the load for all your cooking and baking needs

  • Long lasting, sturdy, with beveled rim
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel for ultimate durability
  • Silicone coated bottom prevents slippage even when your hand mixer whisks at high speed
  • Bowls and Lids sold separately
  • Interested in purchasing a bowl in just one size?  Click here.
  • Lids for Mixing Bowls can be found here.

User Tip #1:  Briefly place in freezer before whipping heavy cream

User Tip #2:  Make extra fluffy pizza or focaccia dough by letting it rise in this mixing bowl in the oven at 120F.

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1.5 qt., 2.75 qt., s/s, 5 qt.K2505402803Non-Slip w/ Silicone Bottoms, 3 Piece Set Buy Now
s/s, 6.25"dia., 1.5 qt.K2505402816Non-Slip w/ Silicone Bottom, s/s, 6.25"dia., 1.5 qt. Buy Now
s/s, 8" dia., 2.75 qt.K2505402820Non-Slip w/ Silicone Bottom, s/s, 8" dia., 2.75 qt. Buy Now
s/s, 9.5" dia., 5 qt.K2505402824Non-Slip w/ Silicone Bottom, s/s, 9.5" dia., 5 qt. Buy Now