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Diamond Lite Pro, Fry Pan

Diamond reinforced nonstick coating
Excellent release properties
Even heating for browning and searing
Outstanding heat retention


  • Nonstick coated cast aluminum cookware
    PFOA free
    All cookware also available with induction properties or fixed/removable handles
    Dishwasher safe
    Oven safe up to 500 F
    Made in Germany
    Limited lifetime warranty for home use

Available Options:

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PictureItemDescriptionDiameterBuy Now
W2520DLPNonstick coated cast aluminum cookware.8" dia. Buy Now
W2520DLPIInduction Fry Pan.8" dia. Buy Now
W2524DLPNonstick coated cast aluminum cookware.9 1/2" dia. Buy Now
W2524DLPIInduction Fry Pan.9 1/2" dia. Buy Now
W2524DLPILInduction Fry Pan.9.5" dia. Buy Now
W2524DLPLThis is a non-induction fry pan.9.5" dia. Buy Now
W2528DLPNonstick coated cast aluminum cookware.11" dia. Buy Now
W2528DLPINonstick coated cast aluminum cookware.11" dia. Buy Now
W2528DLPILInduction Fry Pan.11" dia. Buy Now
W2528DLPLThis is a non-induction fry pan.11" dia. Buy Now
W2532DLPNonstick coated cast aluminum cookware.12 1/2" dia. Buy Now
W2532DLPIInduction Fry Pan.12 1/2" dia. Buy Now
W2532DLPILInduction Fry Pan.12.5" dia. Buy Now
W2532DLPLThis is a non-induction fry pan.12.5" dia. Buy Now