Bringing timeless, yet innovative designs to the market.

The Italian glassware brand, Leonardo, was established in 1972 and produces glass for all occasions and personalities! In collaboration with leading sommeliers, cocktail artisans, designers, and starred chefs, Leonardo develops unique stemware collections where all glasses are adapted to the character of the drink, combining aesthetic shapes that support perfect aroma development.

Made of TEQTON®, or titanium reinforced glass, Leonardo glasses are shockproof, dishwasher safe, and crystal clear. We would like to introduce you first to the Spiritii stemware and barware, where the characters of each drink are personified in a unique style that can be used for parties with friends, or a quiet drink at home. The La Perla line features a Morani glass pearl between the goblet and stem, providing an elongated drop of color within a crystal clear glass. Choose from your favorite color: purple, maroon, green, or aqua, and enjoy wine, champagne, or a martini in the world’s first Morani pearl glassware.

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