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-Bad odors happen but we don’t have to live with them. The Smellkiller Air Cleanser will naturally eliminate odors anywhere in a few hours without the use of chemicals, sprays, or electrical current. It is the first highly-effective and environmentally safe air cleanser.

Simply fill the bowl with tap water and keep the Smellkiller disk partially immersed. The disk-when combined with air and water-causes odor molecules to disintegrate.


Proven                       Certified by a German Government Testing Laboratory


Effective                   Neutralizes odors; leaves air clean and fresh


Economical           Lasts a lifetime. You’ll never buy air fresheners or deodorizers again.


Safe                              No Chemicals, sprays or electrical current. Safe to use near children and pets.


Portable                   Can be easily moved to source of odor, cleanses the air without a sound


Compact                  No unsightly presence in room



Smellkiller for Dishwasher

-Naturally unwanted odors inside the dishwasher instead of covering them up. Just hang it on the utensil basket inside the dishwasher (hook built-in). The natural moisture inside the dishwasher works in combination with the Smellkiller to neutralize odor causing molecules.


    K40005      smellkiller for dishwasher, 2 ½’’ x 1 ¾’’ (including built in hook)




Smellkiller for Refrigerator

-Zilofridge fights odors 24/7. Simple to use: pour water into the tumbler which contains an integrated Smellkiller, then place the tumbler in the fridge. Water will last up to 2 weeks without needing to be refilled.


                K15018                 smellkiller for refrigerator, 2 ¾’’ x 2 ¾’’





-Made of soft textured plastic with integrated smellkiller disk. Zilosoap comfortably removes odors from your hands while giving them a light massage. Eliminates tough odors such as gas, garlic, fish,, cigarettes…


    K50305      Red Zilosoap

    K50301      Black Zilosoap

    K50300      Blue Zilosoap

    K50302      Yellow Zilosoap




-Smellkiller classic works around the clock to remove odors while sitting in the rubber bowl. Remove the disk from the bowl and you can use it to remove odors from your hands as you would soap. Best suited for kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or hands.


    K15006      Classic, for rooms up to 170 sq. ft., 3’’ x 1’’ high




Smellkiller XL

-Clears the air of all odors including cigarettes, animals, sweat and mold in rooms up to 430 square feet. The bowl sits securely on most surfaces and is dishwasher safe. Bowl comes in three styles: black rubber, white frosted glass bowl, and cobalt blue glass bowl.




    K41100       XL, black rubber bowl, 6 ¾’’ square x 1 ¼’’

    K41150       XL, white frosted glass bowl, 6 ½’’ diameter x 1’’

    K40001      XL, cobalt glass bowl, 6 ½’’ diameter x 1’’



Car Comfort

-Removes car smells in no time! Rubber pouch encases a stainless steel smellkiller disk. Keep the sponge inside the pouch moist for continuous odor killing. Suitable for cars, RV’s, and refrigerator doors.


    K15009      Car Comfort, 5 1/8’’ x 1 ¾’’




-Can be used virtually anywhere! Rubber pouch with an integrated disk comes with adhesives to be placed in the fridge, shoe cabinet, closet, litter box, etc.! Keep the sponge inside the pouch moist for continuous odor killing.


    K40005      Universal, 5 1/8’’ x 1 1/16’’ x 3 3/8’’






-Pet Brush with integrated smellkiller removes dirt from your pet’s coat and eliminates bad odors at the same time. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Designed with a built in refillable water reservoir. Available in two colors.


    K50400      ZILO-PET, black/blue, 4 ½’’ x 2 ½’’ x 1’’

    K50405      ZILO-PET, orange, black, 4 ½’’ x 2 ½’’ x 1’’





ZILO-POP Breath Freshener

-The ZILO-POP eliminates odors on your breath such as garlic, fish, cheese, cigarettes, and alcohol. Includes a detachable lanyard for easy carrying. Available in two colors.


    K50100       ZILO-POP, red, 28 grams, 3 ¾’’ x ¼’’

    K50101      ZILO-POP, blue, 28 grams, 3 ¾’’ x ¼’’


Smellkiller for Trash Bin

-Eliminate unpleasant trash odors without using any chemicals. Heavy duty suction cup holds the unit in place for sure; sponge will remain moist for at least a week.


    K81000      smellkiller for Trash Bin, 3 ½’’ x 1’’