Vacuum Food Sealers

  • Fully automatic vacuum systems for food storage, preservation and sous vide
  • Double seal for air-tight sealing every time
  • Every food sealer includes vacuum bags or rolls
  • 4 models for all price ranges



Features Abound VC10 VC100 VC200 VC300
Automatic vacuum system
Includes 10 premium vacuum bags
Electronic temperature control for perfect seam
Includes 2 vacuum rolls (1 small, 1 large roll)
Double seal
Stop function
Includes vacuum tube for use with containers
Seal-only function (for resealing or use with stop function)
Fold-out bag cutter
Includes roll storage box
Differentiate between dry and moist food
Adjustable vacuum function for precise control


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11340, 11380, 11390, 11392


Vacuum Food Sealer VC10, Vacuum Food Sealer VC100, Vacuum Food Sealer VC200, Vacuum Food Sealer VC300

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