Primo Teapots with Infuser

Captivating design comes complete with a spacious micro-etched infuser. It allows the tea leaves to expand and develop their fullest flavor while holding back even the smallest tea particles. A fold-down handle provides for easy insertion and removal of the infuser. A built-in tea leaf guard further ensures that no leaf makes it into the cup. Made of 18/10 stainless steel, single-wall construction.

What customers have to say: “Brilliant! It”s the best teapot we”ve bought since we came to the USA”
PRIMO TEAPOTS with INFUSER Item Description Volume Purchase
0120 Primo Teapot, Mirror Finish 14 fl. oz. BUY NOW
0121 Primo Teapot, Mirror Finish 22 fl. oz. BUY NOW
0122 Primo Teapot, Mirror Finish 34 fl. oz. BUY NOW