Mortars & Pestles – Green Granite

  • Perfect for fresh guacamole, pesto, or grinding dry spices
  • Grind or crush whole spices and herbs quickly and easily, releasing their full flavor and essential oils
  • Each mortar is cut from one solid piece of natural, uncoated granite or marble for longevity
  • The untreated inside features a coarse finish to facilitate grinding, while the tall walls won’t let ingredients escape
  • The pestles are heavy, yet comfortable to hold
  • Top rated by a leading U.S. cooking magazine
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C420128, C420135, C420807


"Goliath", "David", "Pluto"


5", 3.5", 3"


3", 2"


5.25", 3.5", 2.75"


14.5 lb., 6 lb., 3 lb.

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